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Tags for Jen Hernandez
Thanks for the Kudos Jen, miss working with you, hope you and your family are doing well.
Ana Ramirez
Dec 15, 2015
Happy Xmas
Dec 24, 2014
Thank you so much for the lovely comments and loving your new work!
Melissa Stein Photography
Oct 22, 2013
Great work!
Sage Bell
May 20, 2013
thank for u kudos
Apr 15, 2013
Your port is so inspiring! Hopefully we can work together sometime and collaborate! :)
Breanne Nicole
Mar 22, 2013
Thank you for the kudos and my greeting! I would love to work with you and be apart of your port. I hope we can plan a shoot for this summer ;)
Kyna Lian
Mar 13, 2013
Thank you for your comment! It is much appreciated! :) I love your work! I hope we can collaborate sometime in the near future!
Feb 11, 2013
Thanks for the photo critique, Jen. Id love very much to collaborate when you have a date free! Fabulous work! xo
Jan 03, 2013
Lovely work!
Victoria Vertuga
Jan 03, 2013
Jen, Hope to collaborate sometime! Love your work with Oralia and Danielle.
Chelsea Moreno
Nov 30, 2012
Hi Jen, Thanks for noticing and the note. Cassidy and Andrew are amazing to work with, they made the shot easy. Have a great week! joe
Nov 28, 2012
Had so much fun yesterday!! Can't wait to see the pics!!! Thank you!!
Emily Delgado
Nov 11, 2012
Thanks Jan for liking my art, love yours as well, very talented!
gus castaneda
Nov 08, 2012
Our paths will cross! Keep up the great work Jen!! =)
Official Jan Lim
Dec 21, 2011
We would love for you to submit to the magazine
FCM Magazine
Sep 25, 2011
You have beautiful port!
Aug 31, 2011
Thanks Jen! Love your work as well! Very talented and creative. Take care and keep in touch!
gus castaneda
Aug 26, 2011
Thank you for all the kind words you have great work
[Efgee] Designs
Jul 25, 2011
Thank you so much for the comments and kind words!!! I really appreciate it!!!! You do amazing work yourself!!!!! Thanks again and keep in touch!!!
Gabby Lewis
Jun 15, 2011
Thanks for the comments! If you are ever in San Diego we should work together :)
Alexis C
May 18, 2011
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