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Simon King
Last Login: Mar 02, 2013
Home: Lake Oswego OR, United States
Sex: Male

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Designer based in Portland, Oregon. Currently designing for an upcoming September swimwear show.

Other than that... I run a fashion company with a couple of lines already but focused in specific outdoor vertical markets. The new line, ecoute is designed for women 16 -30 and focuses primarily on spring summer looks.
Oh Behave! skirt and top
Yellow sheer skirt/top
Chain detail on Yellow Sheer top
Sarah kicks it in the Yellow Sheer skirt/top
Pink Wedding skirt/top
Side chain detail on Pink Wedding
Diana in green spring skirt/top
Diana wearing pink and white floral top and skirt
A young Julianna Hough in our Austin Powers dress for a tradeshow
Diana in green camp and skirt

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Lucinda Wedge - Photographer
Mar 02, 2013 - 11:09 am
Nice to see you here :)
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