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We are a third generation design and import company creating opulent and artistic jewelry for the world. As well as a design house, we do offer a styling service to makes the of our most our creations and improves our clients' overall personal image in beauty, clothing and accessories.
We do presently loan our jewelry collection to numerous stylists in the USA that aid in our further marketplace exposure and helps benefit your particular project at hand.
With 3 warehouses in Minnepolis, Atlanta and New York, we offer an amazing variety items to choice from. Presently 2300 samples and originals make up our archive from class to sexy to funky. Many of our design incorporate 24 Karat Gold Venetian glass beads design & manufactured by us under the R.S. & Co. Inc. registered name. Wholesale price range $60 -$5000.
If you wish to contact us for more imformation; please phone us directly at 1.646.943.3205 Monday -Fridays/ 10AM -7PM EST.
vogue italia magazine
Leo- New R.S. & Co. Talent
Rodney-New R.S. & Co. Modeling Jewelry
The Look of Power/R.S. & Co. Inc
The Look of Power #2/R.S. & Co. Inc
Film Noir Jewelry Collection/Fall 2011
Extreme Beauty by R.S. & Co
Pure Funky Art
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EmpressJasmine - Model
Apr 17, 2012 - 08:27 am
thanx for the FR
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