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What We Are: Broken Doll Models is home to thousands of models, photographers, make-up artists, stylists and other people from over 50 countries who are serious about their business. Brokendollmodels allows members to display their photos, network with other like-minded fashion professionals, post and respond to castings, and in general promote their career.

What We Are Not: Broken Doll Models requires that all photos be professional in nature. We welcome of course pictures by amateurs as long as the quality (lighting, content, background, etc) is good. In other words, please do not load pictures of yourself taken with your cell phone while standing in front of a mirror.

You need at least 5 photos for you to be found in searches and listed in castings.

PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR BEST PICTURES! Your goal should be to load pictures that show that you have talent.

Your photos may NOT contain:
1. Any adult material. This is not a porn site.
2. Old photos - Please be sure that your photos are current.
3. Copyrighted material for which you do not have ownership or permission to distribute.

All photos will be reviewed and approved.

Are you a model who is just starting your career?
Be sure to read our "how to become a model".

Thank you.

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