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Created: Sep 12, 2010

The photo release found on our terms sometimes raises concerns by people interested in joining our site.

First, we'll explain who we are. is a free community site for professional photographers, models, MUA's, stylists, and anyone eles in the modeling arena, or any other entity (magazines, designers, etc) who is seeking talent. Brokendollmodels is designed for professionals who want to network with other professionals. We also allow child models as members. Therefore, we do not allow nudity or other adult content. Implied nudity is usually ok.

Brokendollmodels promotes its members using "spotlights" and "banners". Spotlights are shown on our home/index page. The banners are obviously shown throughout brokendollmodels, to include the page you're now reading. We also promote our members' portfolios on Facebook, and in the future, we may promote our members' portfolios on other websites.

To create spotlights, banners, and promote members on Facebook, we will often need to modify, alter, or crop our members' images. Of course Facebook is not affiliated with brokendollmodels so when we load members images on Facebook, we must ensure that we are operating within our legal limits.

It is for the above reasons that the photo release in our terms is written as it is.

We communicate with our members before we promote members on Facebook. We consider it a common courtesy to communicate with our members before uploading their images on Facebook. Plus, we only promote members who want to be promoted.

If you still have concerns, then feel free to contact us.

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