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Photographer  °  Phillip Ritchie  °  Costa Mesa Orange County CA United States  °  ID:1870
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ID: 1870
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Inspired by Herb Ritts and Cindy Crawford
the art becomes the shoe
model on walk about for self promotion
Makeup artist and Model Nichole Hopkins
concept in Red
inspired by Serge Lutens with Androgynous male model Van totally professional and a super cool guy, makeup styling by Elise
just Brittany
playing with a fan
using cap and gown coloured gel and a reflection
 Studio Fashion / Beauty
 ripped up styling created by me Phillip Ritchie
  nothing but the shoes baby , Christian Louboutin
black and white editorial
Fashion shoot ,  designs by Maggie Barry
inspired byKate Moss
Jewelry Add with Cassandre for JJansen Designs
Brittany Binger playboy model in Fashion
when does a model become a broken doll  created by concept model Kelly Vy
 modern day Geisha  created by Elise mua with model Kelly
Brittany Binger PlayBoy model
a different look for 5'11 fashion model Lacey for her book
inspired by a Kate Moss teeshirt  picture , my Model Elisa  who is also a MUA
a test Shoot with model /actress Romina not on broken Dolls yet
Brittany Binger  Play Boy model but not nude
I asked my Elise the makeup artist to recreate a Giorgio Armani add look  which she did super pleased with her results
Advertising poster for MODE Bicycle in OC CA
new work for art gallery
inspired by Richard Avedon model V E L
fashion concept Jewelry ADD for JJansen Designs
fashion Art concept
fashion Editorial
Black on Black jewelry ADD for JJansen Designs
black and white model book
fashion  Black on Black
 old Hollywood Fashion, styling created by stylist Edith Henry
<br />
<br /> concept about how a model does not change her expression no matter what is happening
Fashion by ReVamp of LA
Play Boy model Brittany Binger
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MelodyeJoy - Model
Apr 18, 2013 - 3:45 pm
Fantastic, creative work! I'd love to collaborate on implied/parts modeling or fashion and beauty. xoxo
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