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  1. What agencies look for in a model.
  2. Differences in agencies?
  3. Is the agency legitimate?
  4. How much money can I make?
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What do agencies look for in a model?

There is no question that fashion modeling agencies typically look for certain traits in the models they sign. The first thing to remember is that modeling agencies are a business and like any business the agency must make money. The client of the modeling agency may be a large department store chain, restaurant, magazine, etc. The client pays the modeling agency because the client knows that a agency exists to deliver top quality models, which in turn help the client market whatever product or service the client is engaged in.

Agencies are going to seek out and sign models that will best match the needs of their clients. There is a common misconception that all models must be tall and skinny.

Runway Models
Print Models
Models/Actors for Commercials
Plus Size Models
Child Models

Above is a short list of the types of models which are hired for modeling jobs everyday. Obviously, there is no one size fits all for these types of jobs.

Differences in Modeling Agencies?
As stated above the differences in agencies is largely a result of the clients they are trying to service. Thus, visit the modeling agency websites to review the models on their boards. Most modeling agencies have different divisions. And different modeling agencies excel in different areas. If you are or want to be a runway model, then contact the agency and find out whether they have a runway division. If they do, then the next obvious question is whether they have open castings or whether they only review prospect models from photos. There are so many modeling agencies that you must do your homework to find out what they need.

Is the Modeling Agency Legitimate?

Be Wary! If you are dealing with Ford Models, LA Models, Elite Model Management, IMG Models or other well known agencies then you can rest assured that they are legitimate! However, if you do not recognize the name of the agency then you should do your due diligence. Go to google and type in "modeling agency license california" or obviously substitute your state/province in your search. You should be able to find a listing of licensed agencies. If a business calls themselves an agency, but you cannot find a public record of their license, then proceed with caution! Ask your contact at the agency about their license!

Is an Agency?

No, is not an agency. We are a networking website for professional models, photographers, make-up artists, and other professionals in the fashion industry. Many of our members have used Broken Doll Models to enhance their portfolios, gain experience by working with our outstanding photographers, and then gone on to sign with some of the top modeling agencies around the world!

How much money can I make as an agency model?

There are many agency models that make a handsome living. Making a six figure income is certainly possible. However, the reality is that most models do not make $100,000 or more. For new models the first couple years can be very difficult. Modeling agencies take a risk everytime they sign a model. Clients of the agency must like what they see in the models and hire them. Modeling is a very competitive business. The agencies compete. The models compete with each other. Fashion photographers compete for the good paying gigs. And of course the clients never want to pay more than is absolutely necessary.

Can I sign with mulitple agencies?

Typically, you can sign with multiple agencies. However, read each agency contract carefully and seek legal advice if you are unsure. The first agency you sign with is typically your "mother agency". So you may sign with other agencies, but your mother agency is top dog. For example, if you sign with Ford Models, but then sign with IMG Models, then Ford Models may be eligible to take a percentage of whatever monies are paid as a result of jobs acquired through IMG Models. But again, read the contracts carefully.

We hope that our opinions on modeling agencies will help you succeed. If are a member of, then we encourage you to contact other models on the site and ask their opinions as well. And of course if you are not a member, then why not? Feel free to sign up today!

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