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Photographer  °  Leland Ray  °  Brooklyn, Hattiesburg, Gulfport MS United States  °  ID:5170
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ID: 5170
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Leland Ray
Leland Ray
Leland Ray
Leland Ray
Leland Ray
Leland Ray
Leland Ray

Salena, 2010
Mattie G.
Mattie G.
Mattie G.
Mattie G.
Mattie G.
Salena, 2010
Lindsay, 2004
Jenna Marie
Lindsay, 2004
Lindsay, 2004 X 4
Lindsay, 2004
Nettie Harris
Eyes on you
Amanda the fashion model
April, 2003
Aeir in Jackson Square
Gitta, 2008
KB, '98
Stephanie, age 12 at Fort Gaines, 2000.
Late Winter, Early Spring
Keira Grant, 2010
Rebecca Lawrence
Gitta, my favorite model, September 2009
Corean at Black Creek, 2010
Nevada, 2002
Jamie, 2004
Pink Hat
Allie on the Pharm
Gitta, 2008
Ivy Rose
Gitta, September 2009
Taryn, 2010
Lisa Weber, 2003
Birdie, 2009 (With Hannibal the Terrifying Terrier)
2004 Test shoot
11 October 2011
Katie Beth, 2004
September at The Photo Pharm
Experimental Dog Portrait with Tattooed Girl for Emphasis
Sad Girl on Metal Stairs
Alice Walks Away
Mashulya, 1999
Allison, 2008
Red Beach, 2001
Beverly in Repose
Sense of Direction
Cold Falls
April at the Depot
April at the Depot
At the Photo Pharm, 2004
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