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Holly Gordon Photography
Last Login: Jun 06, 2015
Home: Jacksonville FL, United States
Sex: Female

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Holly Gordon Photography
Holly Gordon Photography
Holly Gordon Photography
Holly Gordon Photography

I have a ravenous appetite for art and all things beautiful. My obsession with beauty translates into passionate photography and into developing meaningful relationships with with models, clients, other photographers and anyone else who I bring into my idealistic world of color, light and shadow.

I have traveled into fairly remote regions of the world... finding beauty everywhere... among people, within nature... as far away as the moon (in my poetry) and as deep as the Hawaiian oceans. I studied in Paris; Cambridge, England... lived in California, Hawaii, Atlanta and on the top of a remote mountain in North Carolina. All my travels have brought me right back here... to northern Florida, where I pursue my art with a desire to create beauty in everything I do.

For 20 years I owned an advertising agency, so my background in marketing is strong and adds skill to all that I do with my photography. My clients are always selling something- even if it's themselves as a model. My understanding of what makes something marketable, and how your audience thinks, is a crucial part of what makes me an excellent photographer and business person.

Additional services that I offer include professional make-up application (for an additional fee) and a 1500 piece wardrobe in sizes 0 - 12 that is available to all my clients for use in their photo sessions. Inquire for more details on my extensive and beautiful wardrobe... I even have wedding dresses! It's also available for rental.

Contact me to make an appointment for a photo session or wardrobe rental and styling: 904 382 7559 or
Taylor Rodd, shoes by Crystal Addiction
Taylor Rodd
Elezia with my Exakta
Haitian Marie Blanchard
From Russia
Series: My Exakta Vintage Camera & Beautiful People
Gold & Bold
In the Jungle
Brianne Jeannette, hair by Synthetic Rebellion
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Elizabeth Ann - Model
Feb 02, 2011 - 12:23 am
Thank you for all the wonderful kudos! I wish we were closer!
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