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Actor / Model: Heidi Reeder  °  Las Vegas NV U.S.  °  H: 5'3'' Hair: Red Eyes: Green ID:4582
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ID: 4582
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Heidi Bird
Heidi Bird
Heidi Bird
Heidi Bird

Tara Shiloh Photography
C2 Imagery
Photo by Nik Brown
Sweet California Light Photography
By Tara Shiloh Photography
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Edward Beltran - Photographer
Dec 13, 2012 - 11:16 pm
i have my school studio from 6pm to 10pm
With a make up artist but no model she just bailed on me
where thinking of doing beauty shots with some crazy ideas and make up my school is in costa mesa
call or text me if interested 714 2495164
-thank you
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