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I do this for fun. Photography is my stress-relief. I want to be challenged, to learn, to grow. I want to collaborate and maybe make something greater than I thought possible.

I have a couple of basic themes that I come back to again and again, elements that fascinate me: fabric drape, reflections, water, dance, lips, legs, clavicle, ruching, tattoos, zentai, shadowed form through sheer fabric.... I currently have four long-term projects in the works:

While I do shoot nudes, I believe that suggestion is more powerful than revelation. I believe in good communication and a willingness to play.

Some of the imagery we create may end up as grist for photo-manipulation by talented and aspiring artists. If your image is used in any capacity, I will try to provide a link to you each time, so you can see what becomes of it.
Typhoid Mary
Luna Toshiko
Steampunk Professor
Early Morning
Ophelia Sumberged XLV
Sunset Silhouette
Black Bath
Librarian After Work
Ophelia Submerged IV
Gothic Portrait
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