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Last Login: Aug 02, 2013
Home: Honolulu HI, United States
Sex: Male

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Hawaii based photographer, but I do travel back and forth to California
as well. Speaking of which... I do love to travel so who knows where I
will end up next!

I am here predominantly to build up a list of people to create some
amazing port work with models, makeup artists, and stylists. I am a well
organized individual, flexible and reliable. I feel punctuality is a
necessity as I work to a professional standard and strive to achieve my
best at all times.

I love story boarding and creating unique concepts for outdoor or in
studio, I enjoy dabbling in all spheres of photography. I am
particularly interested in location shoots and I encourage ideas from
those I work with, after all what we create together reflects on you as
well. I would like to work with inspirational and positive upbeat people
who think outside the box. Thank you for stopping by.

See ya behind the lens,

A muse called Gabby in the light
Muse Tasha in the Dark
Rachel Lost in Wonderland muse project
Ria in the Light Muse project
Beth in the Dark muse project
A muse called Gabby in the light
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