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Last Login: May 16, 2018
Home: New York NY, United States
Sex: Male

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I am a photographer, producer, philosopher, visual artist, poet, performer and patron of the arts; my stomping ground is NY and its four corners (NJ, PA, CT & MA). My career in the visual medium started out in motion pictures in lighting and as director of photography for commercial advertisements. In addition to my work in photography and motion photography I also currently work as a consultant providing logistic services to the motion picture industry.

My particular specialization and interest is in shooting the female form, in particular, glamour, lingerie, nudes, hair/makeup, pinup, erotic, fetish, cosplay, headshots, lifestyle & fashion. I am open to shooting TF* assignments with select models provided of course your look and style is complimentary & beneficial to my portfolio. My ideal subject is one who inspires the best work that my creativity can offer. I am very old-fashion in that regard and I believe that the relationship between the artist and the subject should be one rooted in spiritual transcendence and deep appreciation for the common virtues of all artists. If you are a spirited muse who would like to inspire me on my journey towards seeking a greater truth and understanding of ourselves, the anatomy of the human condition and our higher nature to express the divine then you are welcome to join me in my many endeavors.

I am open to collaborations and networking so please feel free to contact or tag me. I will expand more on this profile page whenever the opportunity for me to do so avails itself.
Tribal Beauty 2 (Unedited)
Amber Beauty (Unedited)
Tribal Beauty 1 (Unedited)
Hard Body (Unedited)
Epiphany: Series 1 of Strange Entanglement (Unedited)
Beaded Beauty (Unedited)
Masked Dancer (Unedited)
Rooftop Fashion (Unedited)
Sweet & Sour Beauty 1 (Unedited)
The Oracle
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