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Home: Brunswick GA, United States
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Anima Latro Photography

"the way to create art is to burn and destroy ordinary concepts and to substitute them with new truths that run down from the top of the head and out from the heart" - Charles Bukowski

"It's not the Willis Tower, it's the Sears Tower, I don't wear sneakers, I wear gym shoes. I don't drink soda, I drink pop. I don't go to the movies, I go to the show. Where I'm from is determined by north, south, east, or west. I'm from the city with the best pizza, hot dogs and GUYros. I have taken the train, L, and subway at the same time without even leaving my seat. 50 degrees isn't cold. My basketball team has 6 rings. My football team did the super bowl shuffle. Your tall buildings don't impress me. I don't need to put my city on a hat to tell where I'm from, the way I move explains enough!" - Unknown Author

I'm here in hopes of working with like-minded models and photographers, those who want to create because they have it, it burns inside them.

This is not a career for me but a passion. I do have my favorite styles of images to shoot but I love to shoot just about anything. I would really like to find some more models that are not afraid to teeter on the fringe. Ugly, dirty and just plain odd can also, if not more so, be beautiful. I'd really like to start experimenting in this field a bit more. But again, I just love to shoot, so whatever your style I'm sure we can collaborate on something that will benefit all of us. Although this is not my profession, I do carry myself with a professional manner, while still maintaining a fun shooting atmosphere, 'cause if you're not having fun with this then what's the point, right?

I work on a TFP basis, unless you bring something extraordinary to the table, in which case, I would consider compensation.

If I contact you, then I am serious about working together, if you are not, then please do not respond! Please contact any models listed below for references; I highly recommend that you do this before agreeing to work with any photographer.

I have had the luck to work with a lot of amazing individuals from here in the past, and I hope to work with many more in the future.

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